Blog seis

Let me start with this trip was one of the greatest I have ever gone on. I met many people and became close with many people. I am a people person and this trip helped me with becoming comfortable with any language and find common grounds in any situation . I enjoyed meeting people from … Continue reading

Blog cinco

This experience was one of the best of my life I learned so many things.While in Argentina I communicated with several cab drivers and I thought this was very interesting. I learned several of them were huge spurs fans. One of the cabs drivers was a huge fan of George bush I thought that was … Continue reading

This trip surely has changed my outlook on many things in my life. Its hard to think the trip has already passed, but ill never forget my experience. It was the best way imaginable to spend the beginning of break and the end of finals.   I think everyone appreciated seeing a new culture and … Continue reading

Blog #5

Leaving my comfort zone here and Texas and going to a foreign country has really opened my eyes in many different ways. I’m a business admin major with an emphases in marketing. Post graduating i plan on getting my real estate license and working with my mom. Seeing all those in Argentina living on the … Continue reading