Blog 6

This trip was more than an eye opening experience for me.  Just comparing what we learned and what we saw to the America’s way of life was more than enough to change anyone’s life. The poverty level in Argentina is hard to believe.  We saw families out on the street almost everywhere we went, this … Continue reading

blog 5

I am majoring in marketing and being in Argentina really opened up my eyes to different marketing techniques that I thought were no longer used as much.  In Argentina I noticed that a lot of marketing is paper based, meaning that a lot of companies use posters or handouts to advertise their product or company.  … Continue reading

Comparative thinking

One of the main differences that I have notice while being here is the lack of law enforcement. It seems that the only time that there are police officers around is when people are rioting in the street.  I beleive this makes people think they can do whatever they want, like the situation that occured … Continue reading

Blog #1

I am really excited to leave this upcoming weekend its hard to believe that it is only six days away.  I am glad that this semester went by really fast because I have been looking forward to this all semester.  So far the only thing that I am worried about is packing,  I always feel … Continue reading