Blog 4-Cross Cultural Learning

Adapting to something new in a foreign country can be terribly frustrating. While in Argentina, nothing has been more frustrating then adapting to the language. Things such as buying snacks and ordering food becomes so complicated that you question whether or not you communicated effectively. It’s even more frustrating thinking you talked to someone correctly … Continue reading

Blog 3-Comparison

For my comparative thinking topic, I’ve decided to compare the clothing of Argentines and Americans. For the most part, I’ve seen a ton of similarities. Argentines are into fashion just as much as us Americans. In fact, I would say they are a bit more into it. You rarely if ever see people wearing gym … Continue reading


Travelling out of the country can bring both excitement and stress. With less than a week left till we leave the country for Buenos Aires, I find myself surprisingly at peace. I know that as the date comes closer though, I will find myself stressing out about packing. I’ve never been out of the country. The farthest I’ve ever been … Continue reading