This trip surely has changed my outlook on many things in my life. Its hard to think the trip has already passed, but ill never forget my experience. It was the best way imaginable to spend the beginning of break and the end of finals.   I think everyone appreciated seeing a new culture and … Continue reading


In Argentina we saw how a lot of things are done differently from the United States. The different culture, the pace of life, the moral structure, the food, etc. If a employer ever asked me how my study abroad would help me in my job i would say it made me more adaptable. I’ve always … Continue reading

When thinking about how Argentina compare to the United States many things pop out. I think the main difference I see is the lack of public workers to upkeep the streets and public buildings. Just shows the Economic situation Argentina is in. Plus all they’re buildings are just relics of past succes and now they aren’t even … Continue reading