Blog- 5 Study Abroad and my career 23-12-12

The funny thing is that when I interviewed for the finance and accounting job I have had since March at Texas Hydraulics in Temple, they asked me how my trip to Costa Rica with the college of business several months earlier had influenced me, and why it was worth putting on my résumé. I certainly think that a trip like Argentina or any other study abroad trip with UMHB is well worth making its way onto all of our résumés because it truly was a learning experience you can’t get in the classroom, and it is a unique thing that could set us apart in the future from other candidates.   The two majors that I began college with are finance and accounting, and I would love to end up in a position where I can utilize these, but in my future (next 5-10 years) I would love nothing more than to be offered a chance at an international assignment for several years.  I believe that my international business degree, along with the study abroad trips to Costa Rica, Argentina, and Peru will set me apart and give me a better opportunity at attaining this goal.  I grew up for nearly 5 years in China as my dad was on business assignment with General Motors in Beijing, and I truly feel as if it helped mold me for the better, and I would love to have that chance with my wife and kids in the future.

A few of the skills/knowledge I have gained from Argentina would be:

–          A greater global perspective

–          Enhanced teamwork skills

–          Historical perspective of how a country can be negatively affected by government

–          A new desire to learn Spanish (which I will hopefully have time to make progress on this goal by the time I have job interviews)

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