Blog 4- Cross- Cultural Learning 14-12-12

Over the past week I definitely had to adapt to the language barrier that exists between me and nearly all of the citizens who live in Argentina.  Since I do not know very much Spanish, I nearly always have to find Daniela, Dr. Boyd or Dr Reina in order to converse with people.   This usually was not a problem, because they were usually always pretty close by.  I have learned a little bit more Spanish while I’ve been here, but it makes me really want to become fluent in the language somehow, because I love traveling, and with Spanish, I would be able to travel easily in nearly all of the western hemisphere.  The only time I was truly by myself and needed to speak Spanish was Friday night at the peak of my rabbit sickness symptoms. I walked across the street and picked up some more water and Gatorade without problem, but did not get off so easily in the helado shop across the street from our hotel.  None of the men working in there knew any English, and I was not at the height of my critical thinking ability with my fever at 103.5 at the time. I ordered a medium as best as I could, and gave the man at the register a 50 Peso bill, and asked for 3 flavors of water based helado. The other man scooped it into a huge cup, and gave it to me, and I went back and asked for change, well after a few confusing exchanges, I saw the price on the wall was 50 Peso for the 2/3 Kilo ice cream I had just accidentally bought. Oh well, it helped cool me down and my fever broke soon after, but I feel like if the language barrier hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have accidentally spent 11 dollars on a cup of ice cream for myself, woops!

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