Blog 2 What’s Happening? 12-12-12

Up Until today, all I had seen so far in Buenos Aires were dirty city streets, old buildings whose best days were many decades ago, and people whose standard of living was well below the poverty line.  But today I think we have had our first glimpse into what life may have been like at the beginning of the 20th century in this city. It still makes me sad to see how much nicer this city must have been before all of the financial missteps that they have had.  There must have been other buildings up to the same level as the Colon theatre that simply hasn’t been kept up as well as it has.  While it’s interesting to see the changes, so far, I can’t help but be saddened for the people living here.   The picture I selected was of me and the Tango dancer that we saw dance at lunch during the Buenos Aires City tour on Tuesday, I am excited for the tango dinner on Friday night!!Image

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