Blog #6 Reflecting on How You’ve Changed

Argentina 2012, what an experience that will last a lifetime. This trip has taught me so much about traveling and business/culture in Argentina or another country. Where to begin with what I learned and what has changed me?

I will start with what I learned about being flexible in another culture. Something that has changed me while studying abroad in Argentina would be adapting to the culture. We had to constantly remember that we were not in America. Things are different and you must adapt to fully understand the culture. One of the greatest examples would be playing soccer with some of the locals one day. Non of us knew how to play, nor really didn’t want to. However once we got out there we enjoyed ourselves and getting to know the locals. It was a great time learning the culture of Argentina.

Another thing that changed me while study abroad in Argentina would be the understanding of the importance of knowing the way business is conducted in a different culture before going there and performing. It is important to know little things like how to greet someone or even how most of Argentina people are not always on time. Their families are also really important to discuss about.

Overall, this trip has changed me and taught me how important culture is to a country. Studying abroad is extremely important because of the hands on experience we are able to have. It has taught us the practical business in another country and has allowed us to see what international business really is.


I really enjoyed this trip!


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