Blog #5

Leaving my comfort zone here and Texas and going to a foreign country has really opened my eyes in many different ways. I’m a business admin major with an emphases in marketing. Post graduating i plan on getting my real estate license and working with my mom. Seeing all those in Argentina living on the streets made me realize just how fortunate we are. Our housing market here in the states crashed back in 07. The house marketing here in Texas is a lot more stable than many of the other states. It’s been over 10 years since the economy crashed in Argentina and from what i observed it seems like many people in the city are still feeling the effects of that. If my future employer was to ask me that question i would respond with… My study abroad trip opened my eyes to how fortunate we are here in the states. Many people in Argentina are without jobs and are struggling to get by just like some people here in America. If to be hired on as a member of this team I can promise you that my work and work ethic will be 110% day in and day out. Going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of the buyers. Seeing many go without reminded me of how lucky i am and motivates me to strive and be the best i can be.

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