In Argentina we saw how a lot of things are done differently from the United States. The different culture, the pace of life, the moral structure, the food, etc. If a employer ever asked me how my study abroad would help me in my job i would say it made me more adaptable. I’ve always been one to pick up on things and fit in to any group, and being in Argentina just strengthened that by being in a different culture all together. But as a marketing major i would say it has helped my outlook on international marketing and not everything that works in the states is going to work in other countries. In the marketing sense you saw a lot of traditional marketing, like flyers and billboards and posters glued to the walls. 

My favorite part though was seeing all of the product adaptations. Different flavored gatorades, different coke sizes, everything in glass, all these things got me interested in the marketing strategies there. So this trip has allowed me to see different cultures and ways of doing things and has really broadened my horizon on business. 

~Alex B

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