Blog#6-reflecting on how you’ve changed-Ashley Scott

Before I left for this trip I was hanging out in a bubble, I feel like. I have been out of the country before, but never with the intent of focusing on business. When you switch your focus from just a vacation to actually focusing on a business setting, it changes everything. With that being said, I have changed in several ways such as my perception on business in another country, I am more accepting of other cultures and how they do things both in business but everyday life. The language barrier was a huge experience and I have changed because now I am not so scared of the barrier, but I see it as a challenge to learn the language. meeting all kinds of different people made me take a step back and appreciate my life at home, my teachers, friends, and family. I learned that not everyone has the things that I have and I take them for granite everyday. I learned that a meal doesnt come easy to every family and work doesnt come easy as well. This trip was necessary I feel like to expand my mind in a new direction and without it, I would be lacking a piece of the pie when I am ready to enter the business world. I am grateful for this experience and I would love to travel more places during my college time.

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