Blog#5 Study Abroad and Your Career

Blog#5 Study Abroad and Your Career

After visiting Argentina and seeing their culture and way of life I can honestly say the experience has opened my eyes.  My experiences in Argentina have shown me that there is more then one way of doing something in life.   For example when it comes business the people Argentina definitely conduct business differently in comparison to other countries. One aspect of business that Argentina focuses on is relationships. I learned that it is very common and even expected to first establish a good personal relationship with someone before conducting business.   This concept of establishing relationships is not used as much in the U.S.  Which is unfortunate because establishing relationships can lead to so much more then just doing business.  After see this concept in action I personally plan to practice this in my future business endeavors.

While being in Argentina I saw several methods and techniques of marketing.  As a marketing major I couldn’t help but notice that these methods were very old fashion in comparison to American marketing.  Marketing in Argentina is heavily reliant on printed advertisement and word of mouth.  This type of marketing would not be effective for countries were the population relies heavily on electrician and Internet media.  But for Argentina these methods seem to be working though.

If a my future employer were to ask me a question like “How did your time in Argentina help prepare to be a better marketer”, I would tell them that the experience helped me realize that there different ways of accomplishing something.  My experience in Argentina definitely helped me realized that each part of the world is unique and different its own way.  And as a marketer I have to learn to adapt my tactics and methods to better fit the needs of the market.  



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