Blog#2 What’s Happening?

Blog#2 What’s Happening?

These first few days in Argentina have been an interesting adventure to say the least! From walking in the rain, to visiting the stock exchange, and everything in between has been quite an experience.  Everything I have experienced in Argentina has been one surprise after another.  The first thing I noticed about Buenos Aires is the overall flow and feel of the city.  The city definitely has a European feel and design about it! From the overall layout of the city to the architecture of the buildings within the city European style is apparent.  Next I noticed that the city has a large amount of waste and trash all over Buenos Aires.  I was honestly expecting a city that was clean and well maintained.  But as we have come to find public sanitation is not on the top of the Argentinian governments to do list! The next thing I noticed after the obvious crash issue was the passion and pride that the people of Buenos Aires take in its city!  The Argentinian people are passionate about everything in general; they look for things to believe in. It’s quite amazing to see people standing up and showing what they believe in! For example the first few days in the city we experienced a protest for human rights near our hotel, a protest in front of the government building, and a parade that involved thousands of soccer fans.  Lastly I choose this picture of the “Thinker” because everything I experienced so far has definitely made me think about my priorities and what I value in life. Overall these first few days have been very interesting and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our stay in this great city has to offer!







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