Blog Numero Seis

I think with every traveling or group experience I learn more and more about people and how to interact with them.  On this trip, I expected our group to get along and do fine with one another, but I had no way of anticipating the relationships I would build, the laughs we shared, or the struggles we faced.  There’s something about going through these things together that causes you to change perspectives, and grow into a slightly different individual than when you started.  I think I have learned a little more about being open-minded to people and to trying new things.  There was a mixture of people on the trip, and it was a privilege to learn more about each person and all that their personality encompasses.  We also had a lot of opportunities to try new foods, new drinks, and new experiences.  I tried really hard to try everything- to experience it all.  Now, looking back, I think my journey in Argentina is more complete because I was willing to do those things (with the exception of the oyster tasting…could’ve done without that).  Volunteering for the tango, two stepping on stage at the ranch, and trying mate….all of these things added so much to my experience.  I guess what I’m trying to say is my willingness to participate added to the success of my trip, so my hope is that I will continue to push myself outside my comfort zone in order to try new things and ultimately experience a fuller life because of it.

Also, I wanted to note that my perspective of traveling has changed.  I loved that this was such a rich learning experience.  I wish every trip I went on from here on out was with a group of knowledgeable people. I learned so much from our group sessions.  Everyone chimed in with observations they had made, conversations they had overheard, and research they had gathered.  It added so much to the quality of the trip.  From now on, I would like to learn more about the places I go prior to my arrival because it changes the whole experience.

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