Blog Numero Cinco

There are so many things to be gained from a trip like this, both tangible and intangible.  I feel like I have learned so much about the country from the little time I spent there.  Prior to the trip, I had completed three group research projects about Argentina.  Upon arrival, it was significantly different than I had imagined.  Our project involved a hypothetical company wanting to bring their purse business to Argentina.  Someday I hope to make some sort of entrepreneurial endeavor, and I think this trip has prepared me in so many ways. I learned is that you cannot know your target market fully until you have gone and seen it for yourself.  The information you find in research (especially cultural information) is open for interpretation.  What we read online about Buenos Aries came across as much more glamorous than it actually was.   It’s hard to learn the ins and outs of a people group until you’re actually saturated in the culture.  It is impossible to gain a full perspective of what will and will not work for a business until you have learned the specifics details about those who will be buying your product.  From this experience, I learned firsthand about the culture, the history, and economic climate of Argentina, as well as all the other little bits of useful information along the way.  The greatest lesson I can apply to a career in entrepreneurship is that as much as you may prepare with research, it is equally important (if not more important) to go and experience the potential environment for an extended amount of time before starting up a business.  Because in these experiences, you learn more than you ever thought you would.

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