Blog #5-Study abroad and your career-Ashley Scott

Some skills I gained on my study abroad trip would be patience, willingness to try new things, how to work through a language barrier and get my point across, appreciate another culture for everything it is, flexibility when plans change. With these skills I will be able to apply them into a real life job experience. The ideal job would be in marketing for a large firm or sports team. If I was asked how my study abroad experience would make me a better employee I would say because post experience I have a whole new outlook on other cultures and their way of life. I would say I am more open minded on business etiquette and how to adapt to other cultures business environment. When you live in a country for so long you become accustom to it and forget that their is another whole big world out there that may be completely different. I knew that before this trip, but I know so much better now and I my perception is clear. the ability to adapt to cultures is important now days because you never know who you will encounter in a business setting and I believe that having that skill sets you apart.

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