Blog #5 Study Abroad and Your Career

Studying abroad has allowed me to gain not only knowledge of other cultures, but to actually be immersed in different cultures. If I was being interviewed for a job working with a non-profit to expand their organization and the interviewer asked how my study abroad experience would prepare me in becoming the best employee I would be able to give a positive answer.

I would first explain how I have been able to learn how to “fit in” in another culture. Knowing what the people in different countries respect and what they don’t like. For example, in Argentina if you are welcomed by someone you kiss their cheek. In America that is not common. You must know little things in different countries where you don’t actually disrespect the people.

Also, knowing how to get around in a country is a huge thing. Not everyone in Argentina has their own cars. You must know how to use public transportation. I know that sounds funny, but believe it or not some people would be completely lost. The communication is a big thing as well. I believe studying abroad has allowed me to learn how to communicate with people there. I might not know a lot of spanish, but I would know how to communicate to the people.

One of the most important things I think that I have learned from my study abroad trips is patience and being flexible. I think sometimes here in America we are always in a hurry. However in other countries that is not always the case. Also, you must be willing to take the time to stop and just observer the culture. You never know what will happen so you must be flexible!


This trip has taught me a lot about doing business overseas and I believe will help me with a job interview one day.


Glad to be back in the states though!


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