Blog #5- Study Abroad and Your Career

To start this blog post I would include that the ideal job for me would be some time of manager over the creative elements of the company like designing/approving the advertisements or any sort of publication. Ideally, this would be a company that has some sort of international aspect. Working in a company that dealt with people internationally would definitely be a good fit for me because of how I’ve learned to engage with people from different cultures in not only the classroom but through study abroad trips. I have interacted with people from different cultures in the trips I’ve taken through trying to make a purchase at a store or asking individuals a question about their lives. So far I have known the language of the places I have studied abroad but have had to adjust in the differences in the languages. One of the biggest ways I have gained knowledge on these trips is the ability to study a different culture. I have had to look at different aspects of a culture like the way people act in restaurants, stores, or on the street to asking people questions about their job, place of residence, or families. Through different questions I’ve been asked to answer regarding culture in my classes, I know what to look for when I’m analyzing a culture, and would be an asset to trying to reach an international market. One of the most important things that these trips have helped me have is an open mind to accepting a culture and understanding that we all do things differently because of our belief systems and values. All of these things have prepared me for a position with fostering creativity in a company that deals with different countries. 

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