Blog #5 – Study Abroad and My Career

Skills and knowledge I gained from my experience abroad:

  • the ability to interact with people from another culture
  • the ability to consider multiple viewpoints or ways of doing things
  • the ability to synthesize new ideas
  • the ability to communicate in another language or through a language barrier
  • an increased understanding of another country/culture
  • how to travel internationally
  • marketing strategies for a different culture
  • the importance of research before interacting with a foreign country
  • the ability to be flexible and embrace change
  • the ability to understand different currencies



One day my prospective employer could possibly ask me, “How did your study abroad experience prepare you to be a better manager?” Well, my experience in Argentina has prepared me for the position in multiple ways. A manager has to be extremely flexible, when dealing with both employees and customers, just as I had to be with my traveling companions. Traveling also takes people out of there comfort zones and puts them in situations were they have to adapt and make snap decisions.  Additionally, in today’s world most business is global. Managers are expected to be able to work and communicate with businesses from other countries. During the study abroad trip, we visited the Bolsa de Comercio, where the country’s stock exchange occurs. Here, I observed some business etiquette, as in Argentina, where it is impolite to sit during a meeting or yawn (I tried to do neither). I also learned that that Argentine’s value relationships, and when they believe a meeting is going well they would extend the meeting. In comparison to American meetings, they last much longer.  

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