Blog #4- Cross-Cultural Learning

Being in a different country means having to adapt to many different things we are used to.  Practically speaking I’ve had to adapt to no central AC systems. Not every room you walk into has AC which has resulted in lots of heat and sweating but I’ve managed. I’ve had to adapt to life not on a routine. Life at home typically has a routine and traveling means experiencing new things every day.

One of the biggest ways I’ve had to adapt while I’m here is speaking another language. Thankfully I can speak Spanish but understanding people here with the way they speak can be challenging.

I’ve had to adapt to always being on guard because of the crime here. Always making sure I keep my things close to me and keeping an eye out for people has been different. Life at home gets comfortable and we don’t always have that mindset when we are out at home. Here in the city, you have to be extra vigilant or you will be taken advantage of.

I’ve have difficulty understanding why the driving is so chaotic. I know that city life usually has crazy driving, not just Buenos Aires, but my mind doesn’t comprehend getting somewhere quickly outweighing possible car collisions. The driving here is so outrageous that a bus will speed up from one block to the next even though they will have to stop at the red light. It doesn’t make sense to me but thankfully so far we have made it to our destinations safely.

One thing that I’ve had to adapt to that impacted my personal growth is seeing poverty around me so frequently. Life at home doesn’t include walking down the street and seeing a family live on a sidewalk. I really take for granted the many things in life I have been blessed with like always having food to eat and a place to call home. The fact that I can even get on a plane and go to Argentina is a blessing itself. Seeing all of this has caused me to be thankful for the things I have and less likely to complain for things I don’t have.

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