Blog #3- Comparative Thinking

Argentina is a very different country from the United States. Spending even a little bit of time in Argentina you can see differences, but having been here for a couple days and observing the country, I have picked up on a couple differences.

There are definitely differences in their food. Argentines don’t care much for flavor. They only care about beef and starches. In the US, menus seem to have more variety, there are restaurants that make sure to serve all kinds of food but the restaurants all seem to have similar menus. I did see a variety in restaurants but not as much as restaurants in the US, which is a surprise since Argentina is also a melting pot like the US, but not in as great of scale. In other countries attention is paid to flavoring food with sauces, garlic, onions, salsa, etc. In Argentina, the people don’t really value different flavors in their food. Another difference is that dining out seems to be more of an experience rather than just a place to eat. Latin American culture usually sees meals like a social time to really enjoy a meal.

I have seen a difference in communication. The Argentines do exude a sense of confidence that can be taken as arrogance. Maybe they do this because they feel pride in their great country, or they have to defend themselves because the whole world has seen their economy fail. They are more expressive and use hand gestures when they speak. Their tone when they speak has more inflection. 

I think the fact that passion for what you love is a value to Argentina’s people is a factor in these differences. It seems that they believe that if you love something you should be completely passionate for it. This is reflected in how they communicate with each other. I also believe that one of their values is spending time with family, which explains how dining out is more of a social experience disregarding time. 

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