Blog#3 Comparative Thinking

Blog#3 Comparative Thinking

For this blog entry we were tasked to take something we’ve experienced or observed in Buenos Aires and compare it to home.  My choice for this entry is to discuss a few forms and types of daily transportation used in Buenos Aires.

From what I have seen these past few days most people within the city do not have their own vehicle like back home.  Those few that do own cars or motorcycles use them more often then regular public transportation.  The other proportion of the population that do not own a vehicle have a few options. For example the people of Buenos Aires can take taxis, use bus routes, or the subway system underneath the city. Taxi rides in this city can be quite a thrill at times.  This is because of the intense driving style that the drivers use, and the fact that they don’t follow traffic laws! Bus routes are more economical from most of the citizens of Buenos Aires.  Unfortunately taking the bus is also more time consuming; this is due to the amount of traffic within the city.  The subway is also an economical choice for the people of Buenos Aires, but the systems are outdated, overcrowded, and only go to certain places within the city.  Overall public transportation systems are adequate but are outdated and do not serve the needs of the city in the best way possible.  Compared to home Buenos Aires is completely different when it comes to transportation, which is obvious.  As American we rely heavily on our personal vehicle and not public transportation.   So far my experience with public transportation hasn’t been that great honestly.  Bus routes and taxi rides have been interesting but I’m not a fan of the subway system.


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