Blog Numero Tres

So many things in Argentina differ from the US.  To name a few:

  • The general lack of care for their buildings, roads, sidewalks, etc
    • The capitol and the soccer stadiums are three of the most important buildings in Buenos Aries, yet they are just as grungy as the rest of the buildings here.
  • The openness with PDA: People make-out everywhere here.  They walk down the sidewalk making-out, lay on top of each other in the park and make-out, make-out whilst trying to maintain their balance on the subway, make-out outside the subway stop.  I’m sure there are areas in the US that are more like this, but not in any of the places I have lived.
  • The food seems a little blander than what I’m used to eating at home.
    • It may also be due to the fact that I can’t read the menus to even know what I’m getting.
  • Weddings aren’t a big deal here.  They share a beer together, and make a promise to one another.  Rings aren’t customary, and it doesn’t sound like ceremonies are either.  This is a huge contrast to the thousands of dollars we spend on weddings.
    • I think this is due to a difference of values. We place so much value in materialistic things, and that hasn’t been true for the most part here in Buenos Aries.
  • Time is not “of essence” here.  We place so much value on our time.  It’s offensive if others waste our time, but here, it’s understood that everyone runs about thirty minutes late.

It’s been so fun getting to learn about the differences between our cultures, but it would be a long process of adjusting to these customs.  I think our Americanized minds make us believe that our agenda is the most important thing all the time.  I think it all goes back to the individualistic mindset versus the collectivist mindset that the Argentines seem to have.

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