Blog Numero Cuatro

We have definitely had to make adjustments along the way during our stay in Argentina.  I think the day that required most flexibility was the rainy day we experienced- Sunday, I believe.  Walking through the rain, going to a museum and all the in-betweens, were not in the original plan.   We had to adjust our plan, but more than that, we had to adjust our attitudes about the plan.  For me, I really enjoyed this day.  I went into the museum hoping to learn something about the iconic figure of Evita Perron, and I definitely did.  I loved getting to see all the old footage and her clothes and accessories.  I would not have enjoyed it so much if I had not adjusted my attitude about the change of plans.  AND, we had to wait for the market, but in the end, we were able to go.  Being patient with the plan and the execution of the plan was crucial for this trip.  It was probably one of the most important and useful things I learned on this trip.

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