blog 5

I am majoring in marketing and being in Argentina really opened up my eyes to different marketing techniques that I thought were no longer used as much.  In Argentina I noticed that a lot of marketing is paper based, meaning that a lot of companies use posters or handouts to advertise their product or company.  Everywhere we went their were little pieces of paper on the ground that advertised a company, people would hand out fliers to you as you walked by also their were big and little posters everywhere. I noticed that many companies in Argentina geared their advertising towards soccer because it is so big down there.   If I were to ever work for a company that did international marketing you would have to make sure that you did enough research on the country so you know how you can have the biggest impact with your marketing campaigns.

If a future employer were to ask me “How did you study abroad experience prepare you to be a better marketer”, I would tell them that it opened up my eyes to the different ways you have to market in other countries.  That the advertising we do in our country may not work in another part of the world.  You have to mold your marketing plan to the area that you are in, you can’t just apply the same type of marketing to everyone.

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