Blog #2- What’s Happening?


        Being in Argentina has been an incredible experience so far. Buenos Aires is a city full of culture, business, thriving city life, and so much more. Before coming here, I knew Buenos Aires was an important city, but I didn’t realize how large and important it really is. The first things that I have been feeling is a longing to see what Buenos Aires looked like when it was in its prime of financial success and outstanding prestige. The city has definitely recovered from what is described as the time after the crash in 2001 but I can’t help but wonder what it was like when it was one of the most powerful cities in the world, especially because of the way it was described in my book, “Argentina: An Economic Chronicle. How one of the richest countries lost its wealth.”
I feel somewhat at home because of the common language. Anytime I go to a country with a different language, I feel out of place. Here I enjoy speaking with the locals. I do feel nervous while I’m here because of how large the city is. I’m not used to being in large cities so the rush of traffic and people somewhat overwhelms me. Lastly, I’m very excited about being here because of the extent of knowledge I’m going to gain while being here and just being able to engage in such a rich culture. My picture is a collage of some areas of Buenos Aires. The colors reflect the bold culture here and I’m pictured with Ashley Scott and Audrey Hale, who are my roommates and friends during my time in Argentina. Traveling with people I know has been so fun and helps ease the nervousness of being in a foreign country without my family. I can’t wait to continue to explore and soak in everything I’m seeing. 

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