Blog 6-How I’ve Changed

This trip has no doubt been a life changing event for me. I’ve never been out of the country before and to see an entire new place was an awesome feeling. If anything, this trip has taught me that business and life just are not the same outside of America. There is poverty and economic problems all around the world. One thing that has definitely concerned me from this trip is how the U.S government has started implementing similar polices that the Argentine government implemented before its great financial crisis. If anything we are doing worse than the Argentine government in certain areas (such as debt). This trip has taught me that great nations can fall. Argentina was a top 10 country 100 years ago. Then they fell on bad times and never  fully recovered.

I am truly blessed to have gone on this trip with such great people. The experiences are something I will never forget and the lessons I’ve learned can be used the rest of my life.

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