Cross-culture learning

Being here is one heck of an experience. Just seeing the amount of people on the street is an eye opener. I could never imagine not knowing where your next meal comes from or when your next sip of water is going to be. I have seen multiple families out on the street with nothing but a couple of blankets. Seeing all of the little kids and even babies truly makes me thankful for everything I have.

Another thing that I have noticed while being here is the way that people get around. Since most people here don’t have enough money to have a car or a motorcycle they have to walk every where. Just being here as a tourist and walking everywhere or taking the subway is hard. We have been here for only a couple of days and getting around the way we have is really difficult. I’m tired and sore, having a car is so much easier. Even though driving here is really hectic because the people that do have cars don’t really know how to drive and follow no rules of the road. I will never live in a city that has such a big population in such a small area.

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