Blog#4 cultural thinking-Ashley Scott

This trip has been a culture shock all around for me. Coming into it I knew everything would be different and probably outside my comfort zone and that was true. The first thing that stood out as difficult to adapt to was the language barrier. From the moment we made it to Argentina and had to speak to immigration it was difficult to communicate. If there was one thing I had to say has been the difficult I would say the language barrier, but on a positive note I will say my Spanish has improved. I’ve had to adapt to the surroundings and be more aware of them especially on the subway and in tight areas. It is so easy to get pick pocketed or stolen from so I’ve had to be extra careful. Something that has amazed me is the poverty, I knew I would see it and it would be bad but seeing it first hand has been shocking. The level of poverty is so widespread and terrible here it is sad to see. I have grown in a level of maturity since this trip I feel like. I have grown closer with peers and learned to deal with uncertainty. On these type of trips anything can happen or change and you have to be willing to adapt and go with the flow. I have grown more selfless by being with this group. I have learned everything is not always about me and what I want to do but what’s best for the people around me. I’ve said it in every blog but I’ll say it again this trip has been one for the books and one I will never forget. I have a whole new broad outlook on life in Argentina and I’m grateful for this experience.

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