Blog#3 comparative thinking-Ashley Scott

After reflecting on everything I have seen and experienced while in buenos Aries I conclude that the passion the people have for their country is align with the US and the law enforcement on the other hand is unlike the US. I have noticed that the culture and the passion is much like the US because people in the US love their country and don’t want to leave in several encounters with argentines they say that they have no desire to move to the states or anywhere else in the world. I can notice that they take pride in the culture despite the economic conditions that may seem I appealing to an outsider. Contrary to the culture being similar to the US, the law enforcement is not. In the us the traffic laws and laws pertaining to cleanliness are enforced at all times. If broken there are consequences.. Here people drive crazy and liter without consequence. You barely see any law enforcement around at all. Looking through my experiences there is a lot to compare, but those were the things that stood out to me as the most interesting. Argentina is so different from anything I have experienced and I was completely wrong in my initial perception of what I thought it would be like.

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