Blog #4 Cross-Cultural Learning

Something new that I have learned in Argentina? Wow, where to start. Traveling over seas you must learn to be flexible and willing to adapt to the new culture. Argentina is no different. I have learned a lot about their culture and just the way they live life here.


One of the biggest adaptations I had to learn was the transportation here in Argentina. In the states I am used to jumping in my car and traveling from place to place. Here, it is completely different. We must depend on taxies, subways, or walking. Prior to Argentina I had never ridden a subway. A couple of days ago were my first time and I must say it was an experience. It has grown me personally by just being grateful for having my own personal car. I know that even in the larger cities in the states depend on public transportation as well, but my entire life I have always had my own and I am thankful for that.


Another adaptation we had to over come was the belief in keeping a room cool. I can honestly say in the states we are spoiled. When you walk into a building (especially when it is hot outside) it is nice and cool. Here is a completely different story. I don’t think I have stopped sweating since I arrived here. They either don’t have air conditioners or they keep them very low, therefore it is hot everywhere. This also makes me thankful for what I have in the states.


Poverty is the last thing that I am going to write about. I know that we have this in the states, but it seems worse here. Every corner and every street is filled with homeless broken people. It breaks my heart every time I walk around the corner and see a little kid lying on the street with nothing but a dirty shirt and a diaper on. I slowly walk by them wanting to grab them and just take them home. While waiting for a taxi one day, we came across a mother and her kid lying on a dirty old mattress. You could tell she was hurting and wishing she could do more for her kid. While she washed their clothes in a trashcan, my heart became heavy thinking of all that I have and take granite for everyday. I actually took a second and just closed my eyes and thanked Christ for what he has done for me, and for the mother on the street.


I am thankful for this opportunity because not only has it taught me about business in Argentina, but also it has grown me personally. I have had the chance to remember that I should be thankful for what I have and not to depend on material processions, but to depend on Christ.

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