Blog #2 – What’s Happening?

At this point on my journey, our group is nearing the end of our third day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am surprised that I have not really experienced much of a culture shock, especially considering the multitude of differences between Argentina and The United States.

For example, there is a distinct line between the rich and the poor, however, there seems to be many more in poverty. It saddens me when I see pregnant women on the street with their children laying on old mattresses and washing clothes out of a trashcan. I wish I could do more for them than I am currently able to, and maybe one day I will.

One exciting thing that happens in Argentina is the riots! Okay, they are not quite riots, but more like peaceful protests. Unlike in the US, protests occur in Buenos Aires almost everyday. Family, please do not worry because they are peaceful and aimed towards the government, education, and other controversial issues. The people that participate  shoot firecrackers, chant, march, and bang drums. I actually would like to join in, but that probably is not the wisest idea.

I like soccer, probably as much as the typical American, but the Argentine’s LOVE futbol. Today, they walked down one of the busiest streets in South America chanting “Boca [something]” and waving blue and yellow flags. Afterwards, we asked a local why they were chanting since soccer season is over, and he told us it was the first of many national soccer days. In other words, today was a national holiday celebrating soccer. Around the same time, a child kicked a soccer ball at my face and nearly killed me. At least I thought I was shot in the head.

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