Blog #3 Comparative Thinking

Argentina has been great, but very different than the states. There are several topics I could cover, but I am going to point out a couple that stands out to me.


The drinks! Every time I walk into a restaurant I am extremely thirsty, however; we order our drinks and they come in a glass bottle and we only get one. In the states I can drink several glasses of my drinks and receive refills for free before I even get my meal. That is different here in Argentina. I am pacing myself where I don’t drink it all before my meal!


Also, something that is different is the language of course. It is so difficult to communicate here in Argentina. I have found out that I know more Spanish than I thought I did. Something that I have noticed here in Argentina is that they take pride in knowing English. They work hard to speak/understand our language and want to know how they are speaking it. That is different than the states in most cases. There are several people that don’t really care about learning a different language.


Over all, there are a lot of similarities here in Argentina compared to the U.S. I have found that the people here are similar to the people back in the States. I have enjoyed learning and adapting to their culture. I am ready to go home and being able to have AIR CONDITIONER! That is one thing they do not really believe in here.


Welp, until next time!

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