Comparative thinking

One of the main differences that I have notice while being here is the lack of law enforcement. It seems that the only time that there are police officers around is when people are rioting in the street.  I beleive this makes people think they can do whatever they want, like the situation that occured the other day when we got back from Uruadguay.  I also think that since there presence is not felt people think that they can do whatever they want while driving without any consequences.  The way that these people drive here is ridiculous.  They don´t follow any type of rules they just try to get from point a to point b as fast as they can, the only thing that they seem to avoid is hitting people.  People here are in such a rush to get places but when it comes time to go to a meeting or things of that sort, time is basiclly a guide line.  You dont have to be at a meeting at a particluar time you just have to be there around that time.  I am not exactly sure why this is the case, it seems like people would like to have more structure in their lives.

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