Blog Numero Dos: What’s Happening

Argentina Collage


What is happening….well, quite a bit.  We’ve had a great few days here in Argentina/Uruguay.  Everything has gone pretty well.  So far, my highlights have been going to the theatre, visiting Colonia, and going to the tango dinner!!! We just got back, and I am so pumped.  It was so amazing.  We talked about culture this morning, and I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a large dose of it today.  We went to the Boca Juniors’ soccer stadium, then to the park to watch the boys play soccer, and then to the tango dinner. We got to see the pride the Argentinians have for their futbol team the other day as they paraded down the street in front of our hotel.There were thousands upon thousands of people walking towards some sort of party down the street.  We asked why they were doing it, and one of the locals explained that it was simply a day to celebrate that soccer team.  They have a holiday for one sports team.  One thing I think we’ve all witnessed with the unity this country has.  We talked a little about collectivism vs. individualism.  I wish our country was a little less individualistic.  I think we miss out on an aspect of life by focusing primarily on ourselves and our desires.  We were talking to another individual the other night about this subject.  He had been all around the world and had concluded that life should not be measured by money or possessions, but by the love that you give and receive. These people love their country and a love for one another through that commonality.  It’s a great lesson for all of us young people as we begin to form our futures for the rest of our lives.

Wow, what a rant.  Didn’t see that coming.  All in all, it’s been a great trip, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!


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