Blog numero dos. Whats happening

So far all is well besides the fact that I am a lot more tired than I expected to be and my feet hurt. Today we went to the theater and the stock exchange and they both were really cool.  The architecure that they have here is incredible, it seemed like the theater really took pride in what they have built and they make sure that the inside of the building looked as good as it possibly can.  There have been a few things that I didnt expect to see while I was here like the protests, the random parade and all the people that live on the side of the streets.  I am really glad that I have seen these things because it is a true eye opener.

When we first got here and saw the hotel I was wondering what in the world did we just get ourselves into.  The pictures that I looked at online made it seem like the hotel was almost a five star hotel, but its not. I am not saying that this is the worst hotel ever, I just expected a lot more from it.  The inside of the hotel is really old and is nothing like I am use to.  I dont really trust the elevator because it just seems a little unstable and it is really loud at night since our room is right next to the street. I do however like that the hotel is pretty centrally located and every place we go is somewhat close at least within 50 blocks give or take a lot.


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