Blog #2 Whats happening-Ashley Scott

My emotions from the trip are all over the place. The flight was not as bad as I initially thought it would be! When we first got into Argentina I was surprised to see the city and all it had to offer.. I will say that the city was much different than I thought coming into this trip. There is a lot more poverty that I imagined and the there seems to be a wide gap between the rich and the poor. Today in the team meeting we discussed our reflections so far and some of the main things I noticed was the lack of law enforcement, vast poverty, the pride peple in Argentina have for their contry, the European flare, etc. Something I have found to be interesting is that people in this country have a distinct acent in comparison to other latin countries and it sets them apart. I was shocked to find out when I got here that my spanish isnt as awful as i thught. Once you get here and start communicating, its not so bad. I am excited to see what the country has still in store and to create more amazing memories!

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