Blog #2 What´s Happening?

Trip to the Stadium

Trip to the Stadium

Wow! It´s already Wednesday! We are in Argentina, and my mind is blown away. Completly different than the states. The crowds..the people..the noise..and of course the food. It has been great so far. We have been able to see what the culture of B.A. Argentina is really about. My emotions are running like crazy. Honestly my mind can´t grasp that I am living in Argentina this week. We have seen riots in the streets that have blocked trafic, to kids sleeping on mattress in the streets. Then we have had the oppurtunity to learn about their congress and stock market. As I type, I listen to the people yelling and horns honking in the back ground. I sit in this internet cafe reflecting on the things I have been able to see and learn.

I am thankful for what I have in the states and the people who have given me all they could. I am blessed to be able to come to Argentina and take the time to meet people and experience new things.

Seeing these people be so open and kind while trying to earn money for their families. After seeing the money spent on their amazing theater amazed me. and the lack of keep up on their congress tells us where the economy is.

Now I am sitting here listening to fireworks go off in the background and reflecting on what Argentina is and what I want to get out of the rest of the trip! Welp, Uragruay is tomorrow! Untill then..


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