Blog#1 Expectations

Honestly its incredible how fast time fly’s! It feels like only yesterday that we were just starting our semester and now it’s almost over.  We have been preparing for this trip all semester, but the fact that we’re actually going didn’t hit me until yesterday.  Now that the semester is coming to a close that means its time to take that 10-hour flight to Buenos Aires! I’m both excited and nervous about this trip.  I’m excited to experience the culture and atmosphere of Argentina.  On the other hand I’m nervous is because I’ve never travelled this far out of the country.  So this flight has got me a little worried, but I’m sure it’ll be fine!

I have a few expectations for this trip to Argentina. My main goal on this trip is to learn as much as possible about the business culture in South America. I’m curious to see how business is conducted in comparison the United States.  Also I’m curious to see how well I deal with the language barrier, should be interesting. I feel like overall we have a really good group going on this trip. I expect nothing but good things for us through out our stay in Argentina.


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