Blog #1 Expectations

I am growing more and more excited to hop on the plane (mostly the one in Houston) and just relax for the first time in a while. This semester has been rough between work and class, and so a trip to a new, foreign country excites me quite a bit. I am excited to see firsthand the culture that Audrey, Daniela and I have been researching all semester for International Marketing, to see how it compares to what we have read about online. The biggest thing that stresses me out is the silly fact that UMHB may make it to the National Championship game, and I will be literally halfway across the world and not be able to be there, but I will get over that possibility if it comes. In all seriousness, I am very ready to be there, in less than a week!

I expect to see some things firsthand to corroborate what we have researched, but I also expect to see things that may go against what we have learned, simply because we will only be there a limited amount of time in one region of the country. I also really look forward comparing Argentina to what Daniela and I experienced in Costa Rica last December, and what Kassidy saw in Panama (along with any other team members whom have been to central or South America).


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