Blog #1 Expectation-Ashley Scott

I am getting very excited about our trip to Argentina! Although I have been out of the country before, every experience is unique and exciting all on its own. I have been anticipating all semester and am ready for it to finally be here. I am most stressed out about making sure I have everything I need and preparing for the day to get here. I am one of those people who starts making packing lists weeks ahead of time. I feel like this trip will be a different dynamic than any trip I have been on since it’s a school trip with my peers. I am most excited about embracing the Argentine culture and learning everything there is to learn during my time there. I am also excited about making new friendships. The plane ride doesn’t scare me too much I just hope I can sleep!

My expectations for this trip are endless! I want to embrace the experience and learn all there is to learn about Argentina. I feel like my expectations are realistic for the time frame we are there and I am excited for all we have planned. I am eager to see the dynamic of the business culture and how people communicate in comparison to here in the U.S. I am a little worried about the language barrier, but all in all, it will be an interesting experience and I believe I will get through just fine; I am someone who likes the challenge. I want to leave Argentina with a new perspective about life there and how the people interact.

Overall, I am excited to get this journey started!

7 more days!

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