Blog #1- Expectations-Daniela Loera

Traveling is something I really enjoy doing, but every time before I leave somewhere I always feel a sense of nervousness, but also excitement.  Traveling to a different country is no small thing. I always tend to feel a little overwhelmed because I want to make sure I am prepared and have everything I need. Currently I am stressing out about the things that I have to get done before we leave outside of the trip but I know as soon as I sit down on that plane, I will have a wave of excitement hit me. There won’t be many opportunities in life where I can just get up and leave to a country just to learn about a new culture and enjoy it with friends. Unfortunately, sometimes I let the little things get to me, like worrying about the long plane ride, but overall, I am very excited about this trip. I love seeing new places and engaging in other cultures. I would say that I am excited, a little stressed, and nervous.

My expectations for this trip include: increasing my knowledge of Argentina, seeing beautiful sights, having some great food, enjoying the dynamic of the people in the group, and attaining a deeper understanding of what international business looks like. I definitely think my expectations are realistic. Having previously experienced a study-abroad trip to Costa Rica, I know it’s very possibly for these expectations to be met. I understand that the trip won’t be exactly like Costa Rica, but I still anticipate it to be an experience to remember. My expectations could impact my experience in Argentina by causing me to intently search for opportunities to fulfill them such as talking to locals so I can learn more about the culture, or stopping and taking in the scenery we will see. They will most likely impact my trip by reminding me what to look for and make sure I do.

I can’t wait to go on this trip!

Daniela Loera

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